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Full identity theft protection

Validate your customers and reduce identity fraud in your organization with AI

With Trully Fraud, we guarantee the authenticity of each customer, thus protecting the financial integrity of your organization. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the data provided by your customers and compare their identity with our advanced facial recognition database.

We create a solid wall of trust between your organization and potential fraudsters, ensuring secure transactions and preventing financial losses.
Trully ID

Revolutionize credit evaluation process

Socio-economic and income insights into your applicants to increase approval rate.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the socio-economic profile and income of your applicants, enabling you to optimize your approval rates. Our solution leverages passive data such as email, IP address, and physical address, combined with our innovative proprietary credit risk model.

This approach allows you to accept customers without a credit bureau history, based on a multifaceted assessment of their potential creditworthiness.
In-Depth Risk Analysis
In addition to leveraging passive data, we enrich the information by estimating the purchasing power of the geographic area from which the credit request is made. With Trully Score, you are equipped to increase your approval rates while simultaneously minimizing credit risk.
Minimize Losses from Risk
We harness cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you anticipate and reduce losses associated with credit risks. Trully Score takes a proactive approach by meticulously examining multifaceted data, identifying patterns and trends that may indicate potential risks to strengthen the security of your organization.
Credit Scoring
Break free from traditional credit scoring limitations and embrace a more inclusive and accessible approach to evaluating new users. Our rule-based scoring system integrates demographic information, geolocation, and government data, allowing you to accept users without a traditional credit history.
Trully Backgroundcheck

In-depth insights into the professional and employment profiles of your applicants

360° Understanding in one place

Perform criminal background checks and obtain detailed information about the employment and educational history of your applicants. Background Check provides you with a comprehensive report containing all relevant information, enabling you to make informed decisions. Our advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning processes ensure the security and simplicity you seek.

With Trully Background Check, you will have a comprehensive and reliable solution for your background verification processes.
Trully backgroundcheck
Deep Understanding
Access criminal records of your applicants from government sources. Additionally, determine if they have held high-level positions in the government or are politically exposed persons (PEPs), all based on their CURP. You will also be able to access social security information to gain detailed insights into the employment history of your applicants.
Quick and Efficient Implementation
Integrating Trully Background Check into your system is a fast and straightforward process. Our product is designed to seamlessly fit into your existing workflows, enabling you to quickly gain detailed insights into an applicant's history without disrupting your operations.
Obtain the necessary details and meet compliance standards in your hiring processes. Trully Background Check allows you to access professional information about your applicant, such as their education and notable certifications. Additionally, you can verify the validity of their RFC or CURP with RENAPO and SAT.