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Comprehensive fraud made easy

Better fraud and credit risk decisions. Decrease 95% of fraud rate

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How does it work?

A fully integrated suite for fraud prevention and credit risk evaluation.

We bring together everything necessary to implement advanced fraud prevention and credit risk management systems, operating on a continental scale.

Trully's products simplify fraud prevention and risk management for fintechs, banks, insurers, cryptocurrency companies, software platforms, BNPL, credit, and many more.
We generate a credit and fraud risk score for your applicants, and verify their information in our digital facial library to help you safely grow your portfolio.

Additionally, we help companies estimate financial income and understand the socioeconomic status of their applicants, using alternative data to increase approval rates.
Trully Identity verification
ID analysis
Trully dashboard
Designed for developers

Maximum ease of integration with a powerful API

Save engineering time with our unified fraud prevention and credit risk functionalities. We are obsessed with making it simple and secure: we mitigate risks by verifying your customers' information and comply with data protection regulations, so your teams can focus on growing your business.
Trully Code
More with less
We offer a solution that simplifies and strengthens your onboarding processes.
No-code functionalities
We have solutions that do not require any coding for implementation.
Simple and definitive
Implementing such a comprehensive solution has never been easier.
Customize to your needs
We adapt to any onboarding process. No matter how complex.
Why trully?
Cutting-edge approach to customer onboarding
Virtually no intermediaries
Trully integrates into your KYC flow to optimize approval rates and reduce delinquent portfolios.
Constantly evolving
We adapt to the ever-changing tactics of fraudsters to stay one step ahead.
Proven reliability
Our systems have helped reduce fraud rates by 98% and save up to 4.3M USD in a year.
Intelligent enhancements
Our machine learning models are fueled by millions of data points each year to protect you from fraud and prevent revenue loss due to delinquent portfolios.
Business Reinvention

Expand your business without fear of being defrauded

With Trully, risk management during onboarding becomes efficient and reliable. We provide accurate and detailed risk assessment for each applicant, amplifying reliability and security in all operations with robust protection for your business. Additionally, get guidance from our fraud prevention experts to experience the value of Trully in your processes.
Business Reinvention

Building Prevention in LATAM

En Trully, adoptamos un enfoque profundamente arraigado en el análisis de datos para entender el comportamiento a través de toda América Latina. Esta información nos permite detectar y responder eficientemente a posibles fraudes, adaptándonos a las tácticas cambiantes de los estafadores. Especializarnos en el mercado latinoamericano nos permite ofrecer soluciones eficaces para brindarte la protección que tu empresa necesita.
Over 35 million data points.
1.3M data reported monthly.
3-second responses
without adding friction to your onboarding.
Approve up to 25K new customers
every month.